Christian Rodriguez aka Hazardis Soundzdiscog

Music Producer and Audio Engineer

2010 Certified Gold Engineer (Engineer – Sidney Samson feat. Wizard Sleeve “Riverside”)
2005 Latin Grammy nominee (Engineer – Vico C “Desahogo”)

2015 Capone N Noreaga: Lessons (Executive Producer)
2015 Hazardis Soundz : Save The Culture (produced entire project)
2014 REKS x Hazardis Soundz: Eyes Watching God (produced entire project)
2013 N.O.R.E.: Student of the Game (Executive Producer and A&R)
2012 N.O.R.E.: Crack on Steroids (Executive Producer)
2011 HazMat2: The Outbreak (produced entire project)
2011 N.O.R.E.: NOREaster EP (Executive Producer)
2010 Camouflage Summer (mixtape)
2006 Hazardis Material Vol.1 (produced entire project)

Production Credits
2015 Gunplay feat. Ceelo Greene ­ “Animal Attraction”
Capone N Noreaga ­ “Gumar Oz Dubar”
Capone N Noreaga feat. Tragedy, Royal Flush ­ “ 7 Continents”
Capone N Noreaga feat. Tragedy ­ “Elevate”
DJ EFN feat. Ras Kass, Cory Gunz, Black Milk, Black Collar ­ “ We Earned It”
DJ EFN feat. Gunplay, Denzel Curry ­ “Lane 2 Lane”
Hazardis Soundz : Save the Culture (produced entire album)­soundz­save­the­culture
2014 Capone N Noreaga feat. Nature, Cormega ­ “Rap Rushmore”
Gunplay feat. N.O.R.E­ “J.O.B”
N.O.R.E feat. Reks ­ “ Jesus Take The Wheel”
REKS x Hazardis Soundz: Eyes Watching God (Produced entire album)
2013 Gunplay feat. Cormega – “Savages”
Hazardis Soundz feat. Reks, Wrekonize, Ekko – “Turnt Up”
N.O.R.E feat. Mick and Chris Jones – “God’s Angel”
REKS – “Devils Clutches” and “Proud”
2012 Benzino & Stevie J – “We Made It”
N.O.R.E feat. Jadakiss – “Gangstas Don’t Die”
N.O.R.E feat. Cassie – “BabyGirl”
N.O.R.E feat. Pusha T, Meek Mill, 2Chainz – “Scared Money” and “Scared Money Remix”
N.O.R.E feat. Gunplay – “Talk 2 Em”
Hazardis Soundz © 2013 Page 1
2011 Ras Kass – “In My Lane”
Hazardis Soundz – HAZMAT 2: The Outbreak (Produced entire album)
N.O.R.E.: NOREaster EP – “Warrior”, “Queens Get The Money”, and “Stand Tall”
Torch: UFO – “Intro” and “All Mine”
2010 Capone N Noreaga (CNN): The War Report 2 – “The Oath”
CBS4: Livin the Vida Miami – Intro song
Rass Kass: A.D.I.D.A.S. – “In My Lane”
Garcia: Shattered Dreams – “In My Life” and “Last Chance”
2009 NORE: S.O.R.E. – “On and On”, “By Myself”, “Call to Heaven”, and “Fake Nigga”
Capone N Noreaga (CNN): Channel 10 – “United We Stand”, “The Argument”, “Mirror”,
“Dead Broke”, and “Happy Birthday”
2007 NORE: NOREality – “Cocaine Cowboys”
Garcia: Life Unscripted – “Dejalo”, “Ahora”, and “Dejalo Remix”
2006 Hazardis Soundz: Hazardis Material Vol. 1 (Produced entire album)
HBO: Produced music for commercial promoting HBO Latino
2005 B–Real: Gun Slinger: Vol.1 – “Time to Be Known”

Mixing/Mastering Credits
2015 Capone N Noreaga : Lessons (Mixed and Mastered entire album)
2015 DJ EFN : Another Time (Mixed 80% of album)
2015 Hazardis Soundz : Save The Culture (Mixed and Mastered entire album)
2014 M.O.P : Street Certified (Mixed and Mastered entire album)
2014 Cormega & Large Professor: Mega Philosophy (Mixed and Mastered entire album)
REKS x Hazardis Soundz: Eyes Watching God (Mixed and Mastered entire album)
2013 N.O.R.E: Student Of The Game (Mixed 10 songs)
Benzino: Fallen (Mixed 4 songs)
Benzino and Stevie J: Vegas Music (Mixed entire album)
2012 N.O.R.E: Crack On Steroids (Mixed entire album)
Rayshawn: Sincerely Ray (Mixed entire album)
2011 Hazardis Soundz: HazMat 2 The Outbreak (Mixed and Mastered entire album)
Shawn Chrystopher: Silent Films for the Blind (Mixed 6 songs)
N.O.R.E.: NOREaster EP (Mixed entire album)
Mike Beatz & Adonis: BoomBAP (Mixed entire album)
2010 Capone N Noreaga (CNN): The War Report 2 (Mixed entire album)
2009 N.O.R.E.: S.O.R.E (Mixed entire album)
Capone N Noreaga (CNN): Channel 10 (Mixed entire album)
2007 N.O.R.E.: Noreality (Mixed entire album)
2007 Garcia: Life Unscripted (Mixed entire album)
2006 Hazardis Soundz: Hazardis Material Vol.1 (Mixed and mastered entire album)
ASCAP (American Society of Composer, Authors, & Publishers)

Analog Consoles: SSL Series 9000 J Series, 6000 E/G Series, Mackie Analog 8–Bus, MPC 2000,
MPC 2000XL, MPC 2500, MPC 4000
Digital Consoles: Yamaha O2R, Mackie Digital 8–Bus, Avid Mbox 001, 002, 003, Sony Oxford
Platforms: Mac OSX, Windows XP
Pro Tools Control 24
Roland Fantom
Korg Triton/Trinity

Pro Tools 9 (HD & LE), Reason, FruityLoops, SoundForge 10, Acid Pro 7, T–Racks 3, ReCycle,GarageBand


Christian “Hazardis Soundz aka Haz” Rodriguez was born in Queens, New York to a long line of
family musicians. He moved to Miramar, Florida at the age of 10. In his early teens, he began his
love for music as a rapper, where he wrote many songs and battled with other rappers. After
graduating high school, Haz attended his local community college where he earned an Associate
Degree in General Arts. During his time in college, he began producing his own music and decided
to turn his talents into a professional career. Haz attended the School of Audio Engineering (SAE)
in North Miami and graduated as a Certified Audio Engineer in 2003. From 2003 to 2006, Haz
made many strides in his career. He entered an online contest where B­Real of Cypress Hill would
choose someone’s production to use on his upcoming album, Gun Slinger: Vol.1. After hundreds of
submissions, B­Real selected Haz’s production for the album, giving Haz his first official
production credit in 2005. After that, Haz worked very close with Latin hip­hop legend, Vico C, on
the album Desahogo which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2005. He also worked on
various projects with Rick Ross, Daddy Yankee, Sean J of Field Mob, and many local artists.
In an effort to keep growing and expanding his career, Haz established his first recording studio in
2006 located in Miramar, Florida. In the same year, he went on to release his first independent solo
album and the first of a series, Hazardis Material Vol.1. The album was all comprised of his
original production and featured such artists as Gunplay, MayDay, and B–Real, among others.
Haz’s music started taking much notice by DJ EFN, Miami’s Mix­tape King and founder of
CrazyHood Productions. Haz was added to the CrazyHood producer roster, a partnership that led
him to work with Pitbull and very closely with platinum recording artist, N.O.R.E. From 2008
through mid–2010, Haz produced & engineered Militainment/Crazyhood Raw radio on Sirius
Satellite Hip­Hop Nation, – hosted by DJ EFN & N.O.R.E. Apart from being part of the CrazyHood
family, he is also the Head Engineer and Producer for Thugged Out Militainment, N.O.R.E’s
recording label. Haz oversees and manages all projects coming out of the label. One of the first
songs Haz worked on with N.O.R.E. was “Cocaine Cowboys” which brought a lot of success and
recognition gaining over one million views on YouTube. This song was loosely based off the
documentary Cocaine Cowboys that had a large cult following. Haz went on to also produce the

“Set it Off” remix featuring Talib Kweli, Red Café, Joell Ortiz, Mims, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beats,
Cassidy, and CNN. Haz has since recorded, mixed, and produced on NORE’s & Capone’s last 3
projects: N.O.R.E’s NOREality (2007), CNN’s Channel 10 (2009), and CNN’s The War Report 2
(2010). Through these 3 projects, Haz had the opportunity to work with the likes of Busta Rhymes,
Raekwon, Faith Evans, Nas, Mobb Deep, Fat Joe, Dogg Pound, Clipse, Just Blaze, The Alchemist,
Maino, Juvenile, and The Lox.

Haz released his second project, HazMat 2: The Outbreak, in 2011. All songs were produced,
recorded, & mixed by Hazardis Soundz. Artists on this project are Rick Ross, N.O.R.E., Curren$y,
Ace Hood, Fat Joe, Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, Rass Kass, Sean Price, Gunplay & Torch of Triple
Cs, Sean Kingston, REKS, Bernbiz & Wrekonize of MayDay, Imam Thug, Capone, Peedi Crack,
LMS, Dynas, Garcia, Saheed, J Nics, Mike Beatz, Brian Breach, Kevin Cossum, Anjuli Stars, Fred
da Godson, Reek da Villian, Webbz, Vado, and Ekko. This album gained a lot of respect and
recognition on many hip­hop blogs.

Through most of 2012, Haz spent time in Atlanta working on projects with Benzino and Stevie J.
During the time Haz was working with them, Benzino and Stevie J were casted on the hit reality
VH1 show, Love and Hip­Hop Atlanta. With the success of the show, Benzino and Stevie J
introduced their band The Magnificent 757s and released the song “We Made It”, produced by
Hazardis Soundz himself. Haz also worked with Rayshawn, Benzino’s son, on his first full length

2013 has proven to be a very busy and resourceful year. Hazardis Soundz partnered with his wife,
Vivian Rodriguez, to expand his recording studio to a bigger location in Hollywood, Florida and
operating under a new name, HazMat Studioz. A residential home will be renovated and converted
into a full­length music studio. Haz and Boston native, REKS, have teamed up to make an album
together, “Eyes Watching God”. HazMat 3, the third album of the Hazardis Soundz series, is also in
the works. Both albums are slated to be released in 2014. They are entirely produced and mixed by
Hazardis Soundz, and will feature a lot of well­known artists. Hip­hop legends Cormega and Large
Professor have reached out to Haz to have him mix their collaborative album, Mega Philosophy, due
out January 2014.

Through the past decade, Hazardis Soundz has worked on numerous projects in music, TV, and
film. He has had the honor to work with industry heavy weights such as Rick Ross, Pharrell, Lil
Wayne, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Nas, The Game, Waka Flocka, Macy Gray, Ace Hood, Curren$y,
Cassie, JadaKiss, 2Chainz, Scarface, Redman, AZ, Styles P, Mobb Deep, Pusha T, Faith Evans,
Gunplay, Meek Mill, Fat Joe, Raekwon, Juvenile, Cypress Hill, Freddie Gibbs, Ras Kass, Dogg
Pound, Clipse, Joel Ortiz, Swizz Beatz, French Montana, Mick Jones, Saigon, Fredro Star, Action
Bronson, Wale, Jim Jones, Tech Nine, MayDay, Wrekonize, Sean Kingston, Sean Price and many

In this day and age of over saturation and carbon copies in the music industry, Haz is definitely
bringing a breath of fresh air to hip­hop with his distinguished sound. He’s quickly building a brand
to be known for top sound quality & innovative production. Not only does he have the skills to
Hazardis Soundz © 2013 Page 4
knock out the perfect production, but he will give you a flawless mix down as well. Haz is definitely
on route to becoming a production power house!

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